corporate culture

With the ultimate products and services, to achieve the pursuit of life...

Mission: with the ultimate products and services, to achieve the success

Sunchoose focuses on the R & D and service of shoes and constantly satisfied the expectations of customers.

Through the integration of science and technology and innovative products and services, our customer can be proud and happy.

Vision: let the care of Sunchoose accompany everyone's growth

Shoes, under the pressure of feet and the grinding of the road, realize its life value of providing protection for feet and creating a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment for people.

Shoes, for the care of the feet, is loyal, selfless love.

Sunchoose, as an enterprise with the responsibility of "realizing the pursuit of brilliance under one's feet", inherits and develops the essence of the above product culture, cares for the growth of employees and customers, and expects that everyone can enjoy the care from Sunchoose, and let this kind of care accompany the growth of everyone's life.....

Values: perfection, innovation, responsibility and gratitude

Acme: For users, from design to production, pursue acme and surpass demand;

For customers, from products to services, the pursuit of the ultimate, beyond demand;

For employees, from performing duties to employee development, the pursuit of the ultimate, beyond demand;

Innovation - through product innovation, service innovation and management innovation, we can continuously meet the needs of customers and users, and achieve the ultimate demand.

Responsibility- Each employee should consciously undertake his own responsibility, and take the initiative of each individual and jointly shoulder the mission of the Department;

Each department, guided by the maximization of the company's interests, performs its functions and undertakes the company's mission with the initiative of each department;

Sunchoose company, with the belief that mission must be achieved and vision must be present, undertakes the company's social responsibility and realizes the company's mission commitment.

Gratitude - the company is grateful to shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, users and society. Fair, just, cooperative and win-win. Employees are grateful to the company. We are committed to our duties, open and cooperative.

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